FAQs about Joining Our Uppercase Living Team

  • What is the profit margin from each order/party?  

We begin earning commission right away from each order (party, individual, etc.) – that increases as your monthly sales increase. Sales below $100 within a month – commission is 10%.  When monthly sales reach $100+, we receive 25% commission from each order, including those of the first $100 for that month. Then once you reach over $1000 in sales you earn another 8% of your total sales and it continues to increase at $2000 and $3000+.

  • Is there a monthly minimum dollar amount or number of parties that need to be held to stay active? 

There are no *monthly* minimums.  You are required to submit at least $250 in sales each calendar quarter.  If you do not,  you’ll be placed into “pending” status and given the next calendar quarter to place $250 in sales before becoming inactive.  Requirements change a bit once you have started to build a team in order to be paid your team commissions.


  • Are there any startup requirements other than getting a startup kit and maybe having an Open House or having a friend have one for me? (e.g. sales requirements within a certain number of days; Open House line-up of first shows, etc… )

There is an UpStart Program, but it is not required. Please ask for full details on our amazing Upstart Program! Basically in your first 60 days with UL, you can reach certain goals to earn additional bonuses. I highly recommend working towards these goals to get your business off to a great start! For example, submit $500 in 30 days get $100 product credit!! You can earn up to $600 in product credit in addition to your commissions!


  • Does the company process all payments for you (credit cards, checks from customers) or is that processed through you and checks made payable to you?

You process cash and check payments yourself, so checks need to be made out to you. Credit card orders are processed by UL, so you do not incur credit card fees.


  • How are orders processed and shipped/distributed?

All of our orders are custom made as they are ordered (so there’s no warehousing – this makes the product fresher, better). Once an order is submitted, they’ll get it processed and shipped in the order in which it was received. You can have an order shipped directly to a customer (Individual Order), directly to your hostess (Open House order), or, in any situation, directly to you. Typically orders are shipped out in less than 10 business days – then the amount of time to reach the customer varies depending on location.  All orders are given a tracking number when shipped.


  • How often and in what form do you get paid? 

All Commissions are direct deposited to your bank account. We are paid twice a month. All commissions earned between the 1st – 15th of the month will be paid within 5 days (by the 20th) – then all commissions earned between the 16th – end of month will be also paid within 5 days (by the 5th). Additionally, if you are earning team commissions, these are paid once a month on the 10th.


  • How long does an average “Open House” or party last? 

I typically keep my Open Houses open for 3 days after the party. Usually, a few people still want to get orders in or the hostess has talked to more people that want to order, so it can take longer. I just tell my hostesses to let her guests know that the order has been delayed in getting submitted or I’ll just send out an email to let them know. The actual “in-home” time spent on an Open House should average 3 hours, including set up and clean up.

  • Is there any training on how to do an Open House? 

UL offers webinar trainings, video training, and training documents on the internal ULexpress website. Our team offers local training and webinar training. Also, as always, I’ll be there to explain how everything works.  We have a fabULous Facebook Team page that keeps us inspiring and encouraging on a daily basis!!


  • How much in inventory should I hold? 

None! It’s not necessary to store any inventory items. The only thing I recommend is to create display items to take to parties with you. Keep them current and not too many. It’s just a good way to communicate to your customers that our lettering can be used for so much more than just on the walls of their homes. A picture album is a good idea, too. Our team shares photos online so that can exchange all kinds of pictures to help other demonstrators see what someone else has come up with and get business ideas. If you choose to give your Hostess an expression as a “Thank You” gift, you might want to keep a few of these in stock for her to choose which one looks best with her decor.


  • Do I get a Website? 

Yes, your personal website is free for one year (remember if no sales in 6 months you get dropped though).  After a year it is $59.95 for a year or $19.95 for three months.


  • I’m ready to sign up now! How do I get started?

It’s simple: Go to my Uppercase Living Home Page at http://www.vinyldivadiana.com
Click on the “Join Us” tab at the top of the page.
Follow the simple online enrollment instructions and you’ll be on your way to building the rewarding career you’ve been searching for!

Contact me with any other questions!

Thank you,
Diana Crouse

Email: diana@divadiana.com
Call/Text: 304-582-0265