About Me

Photo Jul 07, 1 50 03 PM

Hello! I’m (Diva) Diana – a wife, dog lover, daughter, sister, friend, business women, and so much more! I’m about living as clean as possible – spreading creativity and inspiration – and helping to open the world to new possibilities!

I live & grew up in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia – which is just about an hour from Washington, DC.  I’m married  – and we have two pit bull fur babies named #DarlaBaby and #TrudyPie ❤

Photo May 19, 1 56 45 PM

I’d love to connect with you – so please send me a friend request too and don’t hesitate to message me any time! I love what I do and love to help others become inspired in their lives!

So that’s me in a nutshell  … and welcome to my little piece of the world!


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