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Transition Your Skincare into Fall

With COVID-19 having kept us all at home for the majority of summer, we have started becoming our own skincare experts.  Well, maybe not experts, but chances are you’ve had a chance to invest a little more time and care into your skincare routine with the extra downtime. With each changing season, you want to… Continue reading Transition Your Skincare into Fall

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Pro Tips to Healthy Long Full Lashes!

Every woman wants thick and beautiful lashes, but every woman also wants healthy, natural mascara – that doesn’t irritate your eyes and is safe! Welllllll….. You’re in luck! Because with these mascaras – you can have your cake and eat it too! Let’s be honest, gluing fake eyelashes on is not always the simplest or… Continue reading Pro Tips to Healthy Long Full Lashes!

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The Fight Against Aging

From the day we are born, our skin begins the aging process. It goes through various stages as we are children, teens, young adults and, let’s just say, maturing adults! Supporting the skin on our face is especially important. We want to put our best face forward every day and for many people, the face… Continue reading The Fight Against Aging

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What a difference a BROW makes!

Well my friends….. now is the time – to learn about BROWS! I know many who have been putting it off – because let’s face it, brows have gone through some tough years….. Eeeekkkk those 90s brows…… I think some of y’all might have PTSD from that! I am on the opposite spectrum… I HATE… Continue reading What a difference a BROW makes!

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4 EASY STEPS: Beginners Highlight and Contour

Hello beauties! Highlighting and contouring have been the biggest rave for beauty fanatics around the world! The makeup world has known this method for a long time, but it wasn’t popular until celebs began to share their beauty tips via social media. Here you will learn how to highlight and contour to achieve the flawless… Continue reading 4 EASY STEPS: Beginners Highlight and Contour