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Keeping you and your skin healthy!

Undoubtedly you’ve seen it in your social media feed, talked about it at the office, and debated with friends….. It is a hot topic of discussion and it’s everywhere in the news–Coronavirus, Covid19, the Rona… It’s a pertinent issue that has everyone talking about the prevention of not only this virus, but preventing the spread… Continue reading Keeping you and your skin healthy!

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Working From Home: The Best Decision You’ll Make

Be your own boss. We are hearing this now more than ever, but you may be thinking to yourself – Can that really be me? The answer is YES, one hundred times over!  And there are one hundred reasons more for why it would be the best decision you could make! So, what does starting… Continue reading Working From Home: The Best Decision You’ll Make

Updates from Diana

Constructing the “Home Plate” board

Below you will find instructions on constructing the “home plate” board for use in my “There’s no place like home” personalized design! Create your own and follow the instructions below. Order yours personalized and completed for you. Please just contact me with details 🙂 Host a “workshop” – where you invite all your baseball mom friends,… Continue reading Constructing the “Home Plate” board

Updates from Diana

What does “wellness” mean to you?

  According to Google: well·ness ˈwelnis noun the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health. “when you come right down to it, stress affects every aspect of wellness”   In my journey to wellness, I’ve found that there really isn’t an answer.  In the world we live in, we’re told so… Continue reading What does “wellness” mean to you?