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Thanks to my mama 🙂 I adopted a healthier eating lifestyle. I followed Mark Hyman, MD‘s book “10 Day Detox” at the end of February and since then I have lost 19lbs! (my nutty OCD can’t wait until it’s officially 20lbs! LOL)

The hard thing for me on this wellness journey I’m on (really been on since birth!)… is that most people look and me and think I’m thin and healthy… but I’m 6’ tall! I’m telling you – that stretches me out – it’s like an optical illusion LOL!

My body type has always been an issue for me (as it is for most women) and growing up I was very very thin – I was one of those girls who could eat anything and everything and not gain a pound! Until — hmm… mid-college years some time I guess. It all caught up to me.  I had formed some really terrible eating habits… seriously terrible… like eating a whole box of Kraft Mac&Cheese for a snack… horrible!  I used to eat because I wanted to gain weight.  As a teenage girl being bony, thin, flat-chested… well… I was made fun of and often times accused of being anorexic. I didn’t want anyone to think of me as that!

Thin, fat, and everything in between… we as women have it rough. We all have body issues! Every single one of us. We strive to love the bodies we have but it’s not easy when you’re constantly seeing others to judge yourself against. We do it to ourselves. Even friends of mine who are super fit – they still have issues – and strive to be even fitter and stronger… it’s constant! Even my 89 year old grandmother thinks about her body shape. I mean – this is something we are never going to escape.

What I want though – is to find the love for my body however it may be at the time. I know I will go through many more body changes in my life. Heck, we want to have kids soon and I KNOW that’s going to make a difference on my body. But what I strive to do is to LOVE the body I’m in now no matter what. And to love my body is to take care of my body.

At one point I was considered “overweight” on the BMI scale. I was not ok with that. Not because of how I looked but because that’s a sign that things within your body are not healthy either. So like I said, thanks to my mama (who has lost over 90 lbs since she began her most recent journey!!!) – I started this new way of eating. Where you eat all you want – but you eat real foods – no processed junk – remove sugars (and all the processed junk that puts sugar in it and tricks you into not even knowing its there! READ Labels!!!!!) – and I’ve drastically cut grains as well.

And now when I look in the mirror, not only do a see a difference on the physical side but I FEEL a difference – my energy, my mind, my happiness, my determination… this change has had drastic impacts and I am EXCITED to be starting over – creating new healthier habits – and one day, raising my kids to love the bodies they have and care for the bodies they have ❤



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