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Easy Photo Collage Wall Ideas

One of my favorite things about Uppercase Living vinyls is how easy they make decorating! And that your decor becomes something personal and meaningful ❤

This design concept is one of my all time favorites! Use these ideas for inspiration to creating your own unique decor.
(((Oh and I should mention the decorative vinyl pieces are on sale in May! 30% OFF! Woo!!!)))

photo 2 (3)

Here is the Grande Leafy Tree (30% OFF this May when added to cart) applied directly to your wall – add your favorite pictures and frames – I highly suggest using command strips for hanging – no holes in the wall! Husbands will be happy 😉   Then you can even add on a vinyl expression that has meaning to you.  I love the one shown here – perfect sentiment for your family ❤


blustery tree stair family tree

This is an awesome solution for a boring stairwell wall – and the vinyl relieves the pressure of creating that perfect collage of picture frames! You can mix and match frame colors and styles and sizes ❤ I love it!!  This is our Blustery Tree (30% OFF this May when added to cart) which looks as if it’s blowing up the stairs – perfect! Then you can add a simple vinyl expression above for some added personalization and TA-DA!


branch family collage wall

I think this is an awesome *out of the box* idea!  Shown are two of our Grande Sapling branch  (30% OFF this May when added to cart) applied along side eachother – again going up a stairwell. I love how it fills that normally boring blank wall – not only from the base of the stairs but up through the next room – it’s still a beautiful display!


family memories are treasured heirlooms family branch collage wall

But of course – there are times when we already have some photos hung but there’s still something missing from it looking complete. And this is where our vinyls can really shine!
This wall mixes a vinyl expression with a decorative branch (30% OFF this May when added to cart) to pull it all together. And since you’re also choosing the colors of your vinyls (yes that’s right! over 50 colors), you really get to personalize the look of your decor.


Here are some other examples of ways to create your photo collage wall 🙂


Remember: these decorative vinyls (tree, branch, willows, ect) are on SALE in May (2016) — 30% OFF!!!!!  Woo!!!  Once you add an item to your cart, you’ll see the discount.  If you need any help at all, just reach out to me 🙂 always happy to help! ❤

AND GUESS WHAT!! Those viewing this between May 6-8, 2016… receive an additional $5 OFF for every $25 spent!!! Just enter the PROMO CODE: CINCO

Now have fun creating your collage wall! Check it off your ‘to-do’ list – then come back and share what you’ve done 🙂



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