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Joyful Jordan Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days! You can just about get anything in a subscription from clothes to dog toys to kids games to wine and more! Subscription boxes also make excellent gifts for those friends and relatives – especially those that are usually so hard to shop for. Plus, since in-store shopping… Continue reading Joyful Jordan Subscription Box


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Reset with the Power of Face Masks

Our faces are a reflection of how we’re doing, whether or not we’re feeling well, and they tell others whether we’ve been stressed and not getting enough sleep, or whether we’re well-nourished and taking good care of ourselves. Let’s be real—we’ve all been all over the spectrum when it comes to how healthy our faces… Continue reading Reset with the Power of Face Masks

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4 Top Skincare Questions Answered

How often should I wash my face? Cleanse your face twice a day. First, when you wake up, and second, before you go to bed. You may wonder why you need to wash your face in the morning when in the evening you’re washing makeup off, but our faces accumulate sweat and oil overnight. It’s… Continue reading 4 Top Skincare Questions Answered

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Fresh for the New Year!

7 tips on how to make the most of the new year and get started in the right mindset.  Brighten and improve your complexion: When it comes to our skincare efforts, one of the things we all care about is having a beautiful, radiant complexion. Unfortunately, our skincare routines can often be so complicated and… Continue reading Fresh for the New Year!

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Winter Self Care 101

We’re officially feeling the effects of the colder weather and dry air. Our skin is cracked, our lips are chapped, and we’re in need of some serious pampering! On top of the harsh winter weather, we’ve got the added stress of the holiday season and a pandemic keeping us busy and dealing with complicated social… Continue reading Winter Self Care 101

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The King of Essential Oils: Frankincense

‘Tis the season for frankincense! My favorite Christmas essential oil has a long history of use in health, religious, ceremonial, and sacred practices.  Frankincense History: The “King of Oils” It is known as the “King of Oils” because of its respected history. The use of frankincense has been traced back to over 5,000 years ago… Continue reading The King of Essential Oils: Frankincense

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Smart Shopping this Holiday Season

We are upon a unique holiday season where most of our shopping will be done online, and now more than ever, we’re in need of brightening each other’s lives with loving, thoughtful gifts that bring about health and prosperity.  It’s Never Too Early To Start Shopping For The Holidays It’s time we break out of… Continue reading Smart Shopping this Holiday Season

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Your ESSENTIAL holiday support system!

It’s that time of the year – we are superrrrr busy! So I am sharing 5 ways Essential Oils can help you day to day during the holiday season! 1.      Start each morning with diffusing! Diffusing essential oils is a quick, safe, and convenient way to share the benefits of essential oils with… Continue reading Your ESSENTIAL holiday support system!