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Fresh for the New Year!

7 tips on how to make the most of the new year and get started in the right mindset. 

  1. Brighten and improve your complexion:
    When it comes to our skincare efforts, one of the things we all care about is having a beautiful, radiant complexion. Unfortunately, our skincare routines can often be so complicated and excessive that we end up hurting our skin more than helping it.
    This year, give your skin the break it needs by swapping out toxic and harsh products with this simple effective Complexion Bar for sensitive skin.
    This gluten-free oatmeal and gentle glycerin cleanser will soothe irritated skin and give your skin the reboot it needs to face the new year with a confident and brave face!

2. Start with a clean slate:
As we move into a new year, it’s time to get rid of any unhealthy habits, negative mindsets, and well, 2020 itself. The perfect way to get started with a clean slate is to give your skin the ultimate detox. Using this Facial Brush with soft bristles to gently exfoliate and polish the skin – it works together perfectly with the Complexion Bar. In addition to giving your skin the exfoliation it needs.

3. Detox other areas of your life:
Consider going on a cleanse from alcohol, sugar, gluten, or dairy. Take some time to reflect on things you can cut out of your life, boundaries you can set in your relationships, and how you can rid yourself of things that don’t improve your mood and mindset. 

4. Make “youthful” your word for 2021:
One of the best ways to start the new year on the right foot is to pick a word to focus on. Pick one that best fits you, but perhaps add “youthful” as a second word if it’s not your primary word. You can channel your inner “youth” by adding more adventure and playfulness into your daily life. Get outside, travel locally, explore right outside your front door, and see everything around you as a child would. Get creative—cook new recipes, create art, or try learning a new hobby.

When it comes to achieving youthfulness, adding this Age-Defying Serum to your routine will give your skin the brilliant, youthful glow! Feel a difference almost immediately as your skin’s thirst is quenched with this remarkable anti-aging serum. 

SPECIAL OFFER: This January Joyful Jordan Box is here to help you ‘face’ the new year confidently and optimistically! This month’s JJ Box includes a Complexion Bar for sensitive skin, a Facial Brush, and Age-Defying Serum. 

JE-ComplexionBar-Horizontal copy.jpg

5. Take your vitamins: It may not sound like a big deal, but making sure your body and your skin are getting their daily nutrients is vital to living well. With a virus, the flu, and the common cold all spreading during the winter season, it’s important to take daily immune-boosting vitamins. Just like your body needs vitamins, so does your skin. This Toner Mist is like a vitamin for your skin! Nourish and tone with one spray of this replenishing mist. 

6. Commit to your skincare routine: When it comes to starting a new routine in the new year, we often hear of fitness routines and morning routines, but rarely do we hear of people improving their skincare routines.
Your skin is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body, and it is important to commit to healing it too!
I love these skincare products because they don’t require complicated and long processes. Simply wash your face daily with the Complexion Bar and Facial Brush, spritz the Toner Mist onto your skin, and then finish with the Age-Defying Serum. 

7. Prioritize self-care: Whether it’s morning meditation or yoga, or you journal or take a daily bath, write down some ways you can practice self-care this year. The best way to stay positive and stick to your new year’s resolutions is to take care of your energy, your mood, and your mind.

As always, if you have questions, need recommendations, or need help purchasing, please contact me any time.



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