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“There’s no place like home”; Personalized Home Plate!

So this is the time of year when I ask my friends to do something on the weekend and the response is “I can’t… Jake has a baseball game” or “Mary has a softball game” or “Sorry we have little league” and on and on. So I was INSPIRED! 😉  And now you can be… Continue reading “There’s no place like home”; Personalized Home Plate!

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Constructing the “Home Plate” board

Below you will find instructions on constructing the “home plate” board for use in my “There’s no place like home” personalized design! Create your own and follow the instructions below. Order yours personalized and completed for you. Please just contact me with details 🙂 Host a “workshop” – where you invite all your baseball mom friends,… Continue reading Constructing the “Home Plate” board

Creative Projects

Bless You – Mason Jar Tissue Holder

It’s spring time and allergies are in full force! So of course we all need tissues on hand. Let me share with you this fun, creative, simple project where you can create your very own “bless you” mason jar tissue holder!  Great for home, office, gifts, and more ❤ First you’ll want to gather these… Continue reading Bless You – Mason Jar Tissue Holder

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Easy Photo Collage Wall Ideas

One of my favorite things about Uppercase Living vinyls is how easy they make decorating! And that your decor becomes something personal and meaningful ❤ This design concept is one of my all time favorites! Use these ideas for inspiration to creating your own unique decor. (((Oh and I should mention the decorative vinyl pieces… Continue reading Easy Photo Collage Wall Ideas

Creative Projects

So you have an adult coloring book…

Then you are going to LOVE this project! Let’s be honest – what do we do with those coloring sheets after we’re finished our masterpieces?  Nothing. And that’s just not right – those masterpieces deserve to be displayed! 😉 So this super simple project will take your artful coloring and turn it into an art… Continue reading So you have an adult coloring book…