Creative Projects

I am enough.

I feel like we all need to say that statement to ourselves much more often.  Life is hard. Fill your days with inspiration and always remember you are enough! ❤

That is why I am sharing a fun project idea you can create and display anywhere you need it – at home or at work or anywhere in between. How fun would this be to do with your kids too! And start a wonderful inspiring conversation ❤



Step 1: 
Cut strips of paper.

step 1


Step 2:
Cut the heart shape from an old cereal box or other cardboard box you have.
step 2


Step 3:
Use a glue stick to glue the strips of paper to the heart.
step 3


Step 4:
Flip heart over to make sure you’ve covered the entire front surface.

step 4


Step 5:
Trim the paper strips to the edge of the heart.

step 5 step 55


Step 6: 
Apply vinyl lettering to the front of the heart.
Order the vinyl lettering in three ways:

Celebrate Love Pack (i am enough 3×4″)(6+ vinyl designs to get creative with!) $25 (+T/S)
I am enough  vinyl (6×5″) $12.95 (+T/S)
Lavanderia Bold (3×4) $15 (Inc. T/S)


step 6


Optional Ideas:

  • Glue heart to an 8×10 canvas (painted or unpainted).
  • Mount the heart to a paper base and frame.
  • Add doodling and borders to the heart.


I would love love love to see your completed project! Please share other creative ideas you have for this as well 🙂



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