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Broken Crayons Still Color…

I absolutely have loved this expression since it was released last July at our annual convention – I’ve seen lots of creative ways to use it – but this one takes the cake!

broken crayons still color melted crayons project


How fun! And something you could totally do with your kids under supervision.  And of course – use some of those old crayons laying around also!
Here’s how to complete this project 🙂


  • 11 x 14  Canvas  (@ Michaels)
  • Broken Crayons Still Color Vinyl (Order here -or- place your order through my full site)
  • Crayons – approximately 30 needed for this size (@ Michaels – I like this triangle ones but any will work)
  • Glue – Hot Glue Gun (@Michaels) -or- use any instant glue.
  • Heat Gun – works best – can also use hair dryer but it is not as controlled. (Buy heat gun online)

Step 1: 

Follow this video instruction on how to melt the crayons on the canvas:

Step 2:

Allow crayon wax to fully dry.

Step 3: 

Apply vinyl – take your time – the waxy surface will require patience on getting vinyl to adhere.
*TIP: use the heat source again on low setting and heat the vinyl into the crayon – make sure to keep distance as not to melt the vinyl.


That’s it! You’ve completed this fun project 🙂
Don’t forget to share your pictures with me!



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