If you love salads…

Let me start here by saying that I’ve been on a journey of wellness for… well… I guess forever… but I see my official “start” at the end of February 2016 when I finally committed to removing sugar and grains and all processed food from my diet. I honestly have LOVED every second of it – yup seriously. I don’t crave those foods anymore.

Anywayyyyy… so when I started the latest part of my journey, I went grocery shopping and I searched the salad dressings aisle… well I quickly found there are NONE in main-stream groceries that do not have sugar in it. Seriously. I challenge you to go try to find one – oh and don’t forget that the food manufacturers also hide sugar (and fake sugars) under names that you don’t even realize that it’s in there -yup!  And we wonder why America has some serious health epidemics.  Check out these 56 different names for sugar.

So… I have this Pampered Chef “Mix & Pour” which makes making your own dressings super easy! But even their ‘recipes’ for dressing include sugar! So I altered a little bit and I found a winner with the below recipe 🙂  It’s perfect! Try it out and play around with it to what you like 🙂

Homemade Sugar Free Salad Dressing

It also lasts me a long time – I find I don’t use near as much dressing on my salads now either.
I would love to hear your favorite homemade dressing recipes! 🙂

❤ Diana


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