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Bless You – Mason Jar Tissue Holder

It’s spring time and allergies are in full force! So of course we all need tissues on hand.
Let me share with you this fun, creative, simple project where you can create your very own “bless you” mason jar tissue holder!  Great for home, office, gifts, and more ❤

First you’ll want to gather these supplies:


  1. Paint your mason jar. As noted in supply list, I suggest using a chalk paint. Any brand will do.  Chalk paint offers better coverage.  If you would like to do more than one coat, allow to dry fully in between coats.2.png
  2. Spray the painted jar with the Matte Mod Podge Sealer after paint has completely dried.  This will help to protect from any unwanted scratches of the paint. If you’d like a more distressed look to your jar, before spraying the sealer take some fine sandpaper over spots to distress jar.
  3. Apply the vinyl.7.png
  4. Use the lid to the jar to trace the size you need of either scrapbook paper or fabric.3.png
  5. Cut the circle and then hot glue into the ring rim.4.png  5.png
  6. Slit a cross shape in the top of the paper (fabric) to allow the tissues to come through.6.png
  7. Remove the top of the tissue box and remove the tissues keeping them in the same form. Then insert tissues into mason jar.9.png
  8.  Pull one tissue up and through the slits of your scrapbook paper lid – then screw lid onto jar.11.png

That’s it! You now have your own adorable and unique tissue mason jar holder!  ❤


After you’ve completed yours – please come back and share your finished project!

❤ Diana


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