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Constructing the “Home Plate” board

Below you will find instructions on constructing the “home plate” board for use in my “There’s no place like home” personalized design!

  • Create your own and follow the instructions below.
  • Order yours personalized and completed for you. Please just contact me with details 🙂
  • Host a “workshop” – where you invite all your baseball mom friends, we collect the pre-orders, and then get together on a date that works for you – and I bring all the supplies to guide you all through creating this yourself.  Contact me to get more information 🙂


  1.  First you’ll need to visit a lumber yard to get the wood.
    This is a 1″ x 4″ — for one “home plate” you only need approximately 5′ of board.
    Here you can purchase a similar board at Home Depot1
  2. Now you’ll cut your board into FOUR 14″ sections.
  3. Choose which side of each board will be your “top” surface and which will be the back.
    Then turn all four boards so the backs are facing up.
    Align the tops of the boards to be straight.4
  4. I am using a 3/8″ thick brace piece made from scraps. You can often find scrap pieces at the lumber store. Ask an attendant if you need help.
    Since the finished board will be 14″ wide, I cut two brace pieces at approximately 13″ in length.
    First apply wood glue to the brace (I am using the Titebond brand).5 . 2
  5. Flip the brace over glue side down. You want to position this on the board about 2.25 inches from the top.
    Then using a nail gun, insert at least two nails into each of the four boards.
    I use the below brad nails but depending on your nail gun this may vary.
    ((Note: do not apply your second (bottom) brace at this time.) )6 . 26 . 1
  6. Now to mark for the angle cut.
    Measure from the bottom up 7 inches and mark that with a pencil on each side of the board.7
  7. Now using a straight edge, draw a line from the mark you just made to the center of the boards on each side.8
  8. Now repeat step 5 with another brace at approximately 5 inches from the bottom.
    Now you have your angle lines marked and both braces glued and nailed into place.9
  9. The machinery you have available may vary – I use a bandsaw to cut the angle into the board. Use your own judgement based on what you have available to you.10
  10. Then sand the edges.11
  11. You now have completed the “home plate” board!12

Now that you have the board completed – CLICK HERE to order your personalized vinyl!
Remember with the vinyl you will get to choose the personalized name as well as the vinyl colors of the lettering. If you have ANY questions on the vinyl portion or the construction portion, please contact me 🙂

❤ Diana


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