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“There’s no place like home”; Personalized Home Plate!

So this is the time of year when I ask my friends to do something on the weekend and the response is “I can’t… Jake has a baseball game” or “Mary has a softball game” or “Sorry we have little league” and on and on. So I was INSPIRED! 😉  And now you can be… Continue reading “There’s no place like home”; Personalized Home Plate!

Updates from Diana

Constructing the “Home Plate” board

Below you will find instructions on constructing the “home plate” board for use in my “There’s no place like home” personalized design! Create your own and follow the instructions below. Order yours personalized and completed for you. Please just contact me with details 🙂 Host a “workshop” – where you invite all your baseball mom friends,… Continue reading Constructing the “Home Plate” board