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“There’s no place like home”; Personalized Home Plate!

So this is the time of year when I ask my friends to do something on the weekend and the response is “I can’t… Jake has a baseball game” or “Mary has a softball game” or “Sorry we have little league” and on and on.

So I was INSPIRED! 😉  And now you can be too…

Check out the details of the design below using vinyl and the custom “home plate” board I create 🙂


Let’s get to the real fun part – the painting and applying vinyl! ❤  Woo!
Here are the supplies you’ll need…


  • Home Plate Board
  • Paints
    • White
    • Golden Brown
    • Brown
  • Foam paint brush
  • Red Paint Pen
  • Personalized “There’s no place like home” Vinyl


  1. Start by making sure your board is clean and dry and dust free.
    Then paint your board using a white paint. Any paint type will work on this project.
    I prefer to do one light coat to start…15Then I determine if I’d like to do a second coat (in this case I did)….16
  2.  Then paint the edges of the board if you choose. This is not a necessary step. Leaving the edges natural gives the board a more distressed look.17
  3. Once your white paint is mostly dry – you can choose whether you’d like to distress or “dirty” the board.  I call it “dirty” because that was the original thought to make this board look like a dirty “home plate” 🙂
    For the “dirty” look – I use a mix of Brown and Golden Brown acrylic paint.  You only need very little of each – even what I put on this plate was much more than needed.18
  4. Using the same foam brush – dip both corners each in one of the colors. This is ALL the brown paint you should need.19
  5. Now dab the brush around the edges of the home plate.20
  6. Then you will flip the foam brush over and use the other side of the brush which likely has some white leftover on it to blend the browns together.WATCH this VIDEO to see how I use the brush to blend 🙂2122
  7. Now it’s time to apply the vinyl! Yay!  This is where it all starts to come together 🙂23
  8.  Now let’s add our “stitches”! I use a Paint Pen – I find it easier than a brush – but you can also grab a thin brush and red paint too.25And that’s it!  TA-DA!!  We now have this super adorable fun personalized design that will make all the other baseball moms jelly ;)I would LOVE to help you create one  -or- even more fun, let’s get together for a workshop! ❤

    ❤ Diana


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