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So you have an adult coloring book…

Then you are going to LOVE this project!

Let’s be honest – what do we do with those coloring sheets after we’re finished our masterpieces?  Nothing.
And that’s just not right – those masterpieces deserve to be displayed! 😉

So this super simple project will take your artful coloring and turn it into an art piece in your home – or take it to your office – or even makes a great gift! Talk about personalized gift idea – they’d get your art (which clearly should be in a museum 😉  ) and a special message from you all in one!



Project Cost: $20-$25  (+T/S)
Here’s how:

  1. Pick out your favorite adult coloring book .
  2. Choose a shadow box or frame for display.  I really like this 3 pack from Michaels. (because you know you’ll want to do more than one 😉 )
  3. Choose the message/expression you’d like to apply to the front of the shadowbox. Links below for the ones pictured. You can shop on my site for many other choices also.
    1. Love: $14.95
    2. Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful: $14.95
    3. She Believed She Could So She Did: $13.95
  4. Color away!
  5. Place the coloring sheet inside the shadowbox – you can cut the sheet to fit perfectly or even cut it smaller and add another colored scrapbook paper to create a border.
  6. Apply the vinyl of your choosing to the front of the shadow box.  Check out this video for easy application instructions.
  7. Ta-Da! Your project is complete!  🙂


Don’t forget to share pictures of your completed projects with me 🙂

❤ Diana


2 thoughts on “So you have an adult coloring book…

    1. Thanks for reading! 🙂
      I have all the supplies to do this too but haven’t had a chance to finish my coloring 😄


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