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All the craze!

At the beginning of the month, our creative team at home office shared this picture of one of the vinyls on special this month – and it went HUGE!

love grows best in happy houses (4)

Don’t you LOVE it!?

Well check out these other takes on the project from customers and demonstrators!! Which is your favorite? 😀



If you want this vinyl and this project: check out this special deal!!

Customer Spring Samplers (Mar 2016) (1)

Here’s the 411 on how you can do the faux bois (fake wood) technique (first image)  🙂


Step 1: Start by reviewing the Faux Bois technique which is used to create the wood grain look.  (skip to step 3 if using an unpainted surface)

Step 2: Complete the paint or faux bois technique to your surface.

Step 3:   Clean and allow your surface to dry completely.

Step 4: Apply your vinyl following the instructions here.

Step 5: Arrange your flowers first without glue to see how you would best like them placed.

Step 6: One by one, hot glue your flowers into place.

That’s it! Very fun simple project that gives such great dimension to your decor! This is what our vinyl products are all about – helping you create and be inspired to design and decorate your home with words and graphics that are meaningful to you ❤

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have 🙂


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