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What does “wellness” mean to you?


According to Google:

  1. the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.
    “when you come right down to it, stress affects every aspect of wellness”


In my journey to wellness, I’ve found that there really isn’t an answer.  In the world we live in, we’re told so many different things and how are we supposed to know what to believe?

I worry most about the food I put into my body because I have realized that it has a dramatic affect on my over all well being – from how well I sleep at night to headaches to my mood. But so many people don’t even have that awareness. It’s not easy. Until I removed sugar from my body, I didn’t.  There’s no way to know unless you remove it… and I felt like crap for a good 3 days straight and then I started feeling better and better each day after.  Now – if I eat sugar (which I do from time to time – I love icecream too much!) but now when I eat something like that – I feel like crap immediately and usually the next day too. I mean… WHY would anyone want to eat something that makes you feel bad? That’s not a real question because the fact is, with sugar, you don’t know the affect it’s having on your body.


But where is THE answer to what is best for your body?  There are people who go gluten free and there are vegans and there are people who don’t filter their foods at all.  How do we really know what is BEST?  I’m not trying to pretend that I know best – I am sure I don’t.  I used to eat oatmeal and whole wheat bread and other similar carbs – until I started reading more about those.  My journey has changed so many times, I’ve lost count!  What I know is this… now – what I’m doing right now – makes me feel a world better than I have in a long time!


Some of the most important messages I’ve learned are…. To always be reading/researching, forming your own opinions, and keeping an open mind.


Of course wellness to me is not just about the food I eat – again, I tend to focus on that because it impacts so much of my day to day life! But on this journey to wellness I’m also focused on my active life, my relationships, my spirituality, my financials, my emotional health, and much more! I want to remove any haze in my life and be grateful for every thing I have.


Find your own path to wellness… whatever you find that may be – I encourage you all to find one to start on. But don’t be afraid to try another too 😉






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