Creative Projects

Organization Makes Me Happy

Woo! I love that Uppercase Living vinyl is so versatile!  These two projects make me super happy! I’m so easy to please lol – seriously though… feeling organized makes my world a happy happy place 🙂

So first off… my hubby builds furniture for a living, which as you can imagine is rather dusty! So I try to get him to take off those dusty work clothes in the garage – which is where our laundry is also.  So we put one of those laundry sorter hamper thingys out there since other clothing and such end up there too – but for sommmmeeeee reason the hubs has a hard time remembering which bin is for his work clothes – and with all the paint, dust, glue, etc on his work clothes – I cannot have those mix in with mine! lol 😀  (Like I have anything fancy hahaha)

Anyway… so how super simple and easy is this solution!

organization laundry before after


Secondly… we also finally started organizing the garage in general and I got some of those Rubbermaid totes and sorted some items. But then I couldn’t tell what was in each bin… so I bet you guessed it… I found some fun Uppercase Living embellishments and ta-da!

organization storage totes garage before after

Now to keep working on my organization 🙂

What is your favorite organizational tip?



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