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Working From Home: The Best Decision You’ll Make

Be your own boss.

We are hearing this now more than ever, but you may be thinking to yourself – Can that really be me?

The answer is YES, one hundred times over!  And there are one hundred reasons more for why it would be the best decision you could make!

So, what does starting your own business from home look like?

For us, it starts with making the decision that you deserve it.
You will be joining a supportive community of women (and men) that will provide the tools and training you need to succeed and start earning an income right away!
You don’t need to “know it all” because that’s not what our business is about – we’re about sharing, educating, and empowering – so as the CEO of your business, you get all of that too!

Here are the top benefits of joining our family of brand ambassadors who are sharing the mission of a healthy life through healthy safe non toxic skincare and more!

You’re in Charge
When you run your own business, you get to choose when and how much time you spend working to build your business. You will have the freedom to enjoy your weekly Zumba class during the week. You will never miss another child’s sporting event or class play. You can work around your child’s nap time or date night with the hubby! Your schedule is entirely up to you and your lifestyle.

Extra Income– Jordan Essentials Social Selling Kit: Only $29 in June 2020
Who wouldn’t appreciate earning extra income every month? As a Jordan Essentials Representative, you can choose if you want this to be your side hustle OR full-time! You will earn 25%-35% commission on every order you and your customers place as well as 5%-12% on your team sales.

Low Startup Cost
You have two amazing choices for our Business Consultant Kits!   So you can start your business today for only $49 with our Social Selling Kit (valued at $183.25)! We also offer a Deluxe Business Kit where you receive $275 worth of products to try out for only $99!


Supportive Community
Our Founder and CEO, Nancy Bogart, has a heart of gold and started Jordan Essentials because of her love for her family and natural products. Our community is supportive, empowered, and passionate about your success. You will join a community of like-minded individuals and build friendships for life.

Fun Getaways & Gimmees
We are passionate about rewarding your accomplishments with everything from amazing getaways to free products to discounts and more!

Tax Benefits
Having a home-based business comes with some tax benefits. You can enjoy deductions on things such as automobiles, business supplies, business trips, utilities and more! Remember, it is important to consult a professional who can assist you with this.

These are just a few of the top reasons to join our community, and we would love the opportunity to chat with you more about why we love Jordan Essentials so much!

Please reach out to me if you have any questions, or join our Discover Jordan Essentials Facebook group to learn more.

I can’t wait to introduce you to our Jordan Essentials Family so you can start your Jordan Essentials life today!




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