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Love love loooooove!

Yes – Valentines is just around the corner! But you know what — I say we need to spread more love ALL YEAR ❤
And guess what — here are some super cute *all new* vinyl designs on sale for their debut at BOGO FREE!

What kind of project would you do?  Think out side of the box too – not just red and pink for the holiday – but something for any time of the year to show and share your love with others 🙂
Check out some great easy project ideas below using these new vinyls 🙂   CLICK HERE to see *ALL* of the designs on sale — but hurry – don’t forget – the sale *ends 1/22/16* midnight.

BE MINE Mailbox
Here’s a cute one for Valentine’s…. at Joann’s you can get a mini-tin mailbox – then just add the vinyl and use this cute project year after year!
Start a tradition with your kids – placing treats, love notes, inspiration, small gifts, etc in the mailbox the week of Valentines.  Love this one!


Hugs & Kisses
Ok so this is super precious! ❤ Yes – so cute for Valentines – but I’d love this is kids room too or even in your master bedroom! When don’t we need more reminders for hugs and kisses?? 😉
Remember that you can get these vinyls in anyyyy color you’d like – we offer over 50 color choice 🙂

Create this project with this plate from Walmart and either use the two-colored vinyl or the one-colored vinyl — and that’s it! Super easy project!  Display on a stand or use some E6000 to attach a hook to the back and hang.


I could just Kiss You
So adorable! Do you love makeup? Then this is your project!  Put on all those lipsticks and go to town creating this 😉
Super easy to create with an 8×10 frame like this one at Walmart – then get a white piece of paper and kiss away! Place the paper inside the frame – then add the vinyl in your color choice to the glass of the frame. We offer this vinyl in a two-color option -or- one-color option.



I love you wreath
I really love this one because you know what happens after I take down all my Christmas decorations?  My front door is boring! (My whole house is boring really lol) This is the perfect addition! And I keep saying it – but really… why not pick colors for all year round for this and use it multiple times? Who wouldn’t enjoy walking up to a door with a reminder that you are loved? ❤

Use any wreath – just measure the inside circle to ensure that the plate or wood circle will fit.  I’d suggest visiting your local Dollar store to find a small plate (needs to fit this 4″ design) or use a wood circle like this one from Michaels – just paint and add the vinyl! 🙂  This vinyl comes also in a two-color option and one-color option.


Here are some more designs that are BOGO FREE! only through 1/22/16 midnight!
Yes, that’s Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!! Woo!! ❤

CLICK HERE to see *ALL* of the designs on sale — but hurry – don’t forget – the sale *ends 1/22/16* midnight.

Please comment and tell me your favorite and your ideas! Let’s spread the loooooove 🙂

❤ Diana


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