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Enjoy this moment…

I am so sorry I have neglected you my dear blog ❤ And I’ve missed you!!

I’ve been super busy the last couple of weeks (no excuse) – first I went to VEGAS for the Uppercase Living Leadership Conference – can I say AMAZING! Seriously.  There’s just nothing better than learning, feeling the inspiration and motivation, all while hanging out with some of your best friends!! (a Vegas trip as tax write off is nice too 😉 )

The beautifUL women (and man) at our Leadership Conference <3
The beautifUL women (and man) at our Leadership Conference ❤

We had a BLAST! Here are a few other pics 🙂


So then as soon as a flew into Baltimore – I immediately drive to Philadelphia where I met my hubs and his dad for an annual wholesale show for their family business (check them out – they’re amazing: Lawrence Crouse Workshop)

Needless to say – after traveling to Vegas (a 3 hour time difference) – then back and no sleep for over 24 hours – and then 3 days at the wholesale show – and then driving home (3 hour drive) — I was BEAT!  Since then I’ve been playing some major catch up and haven’t had a moment for much.

With all that said – boy am I grateful for all that!!! I LOVE what I do! I love my Uppercase Living business — and I love that I work for myself and can take that sort of time ‘away’. I love that I get to work with my husband too – no, it’s not always easy – we definitely butt-heads some times (LOL) – but the truth is, when we’re on – we’re on! He and I can do so much when we are working together and I really LOVE that!

Well this post just turned into a love post ❤


It’s funny – I just sat down to write because I’ve missed doing my blog and it just turned into this. Most of all, this post today is reminding me to be grateful for the moment you’re living in right now.

custom enjoy this moment for this moment is your life wood


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