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Back to School: 2020 Edition

Whether your little ones will be returning to school in person, online, or homeschool, it is that time of year to have all of your back to school essentials and routine in order. I know we’ve been hearing this over and over, but this year really is going to look different.

Here are a handful of things to have on deck for back to school and some tips to getting back into the school routine…

Wash Hands

Wash. Wash. Wash. Encourage your little ones to wash their hands every time they have the opportunity, especially the kids that are back to school! Also, continue reminding them how important _C2A0974.jpgit is to not touch their face.

Make sure to stock up on soap to have in the home to be used throughout the day. My favorite: Foaming Hand Soap.  If you already have this Foaming Hand Soap, did you know you can buy a 32 oz refill jug so you don’t have to replace your sink-side bottle and reduce unnecessary waste! 🙂

Stay Moisturized

Extra hand washing does run the risk of drying out skin, but never fear, this Foaming Hand Soap moisturizes while it cleanses! For an extra boost of moisture, keep some Shea Body Butter or my personal favorite, a Lotion Bar , by the sink.

Keep your children in school protected and moisturized by sending them with a lotion bar in their backpacks! It won’t spill or leak, and it is more moisturizing than regular water-based lotions! Also, it will easily last until winter break, so it sounds like a winner winner to me!!

Take Extra Precautions

You can never be too careful when it comes to safeguarding the health of our little ones, and that is why you will want to have our Resistance products on hand for back to school. These products are a combination of five powerful essential oils: Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus. These oils are antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral making them a powerful combination to keep your family healthy.

*Jordan Essentials does not claim to prevent or cure any disease. Beneficial oils are part of a healthy lifestyle*

Ways to use your Resistance Spray

  • Spray clothing and backpacks to help protect from germs and unpleasant odors_C2A0307.jpg

  • Spray soles of feet to protect from germs

  • Spritz cotton ball and place inside shoes to remove the odor

Ways to use your Resistance Dropper

  • Diffuse to cleanse the air

  • Add a few drops to the empty dishwasher for an extra cleansing boost

  • Add to laundry cycle for cleaner


  • clothes (throw your masks in this load too!)

  • Add to carpet steamer to remove odors and protect from germs in the carpet

Have children moving off to college?

The Resistance Spray and Resistance Roller are the perfect products to send with them to use throughout their dorm and while on campus.

Wear Your Mask

If your little ones are comfortable with wearing a mask, make sure they have it on when out in public and at school. To help keep your masks clean, wash them frequently, and spritz them with Green & Clean (allow them to fully dry before wearing again).

I understand that wearing a mask can be uncomfortable at points, and one of my fellow Jordies shared an awesome tip to help ease that discomfort.

“Wearing a mask was causing me to get super congested and then I’d end up with a sore throat, which would cause me more anxiety.  I rubbed the Magnesium Plus Peace Blend stick right where my nose is and BAM, Anxiety gone! My airway stayed open and I didn’t have a sore throat after either! Too good not to share! I hope this tip helps someone else too!”

Create Routine

Routine makes the world go round. After a few months of not much to do, you little ones are more than likely not used to the routine. Start off back to school time by setting a standard wake-up and bedtime. Every morning stick to the same order of events – Make beds, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, and then pack up school things. The same thing applies to bedtime.

Creating routine is important for all kids whether they are going to school or learning virtually at home. For those at home, create a routine for the whole day. Set a designated time for certain subjects as well as lunchtime, playtime, snack time, and any other activities throughout the day.

Designated Work Space

If your kids will be learning at home, make sure to establish a designated work area. This will help young kids differentiate between work time and playtime. With this, ensure there are no distractions in their workspace. This includes iPads not used for educational purposes, toys, and other distracting screens.

I hope these tips help ease any concerns or hesitations as we all transition back into school. Remember that whatever decision you make for you and your children for back to school is the right decision because you know your family and their needs best.

Any questions, feel free to reach out to me at any time!



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