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One simple question right?
I get asked all the time about WHY I started with UL… and… well… the funny thing about that question – the answer changes!

Let me start by sharing a bit about what was happening in my life at the time…  I was fed up working jobs that I felt no desire to stay in – I felt unappreciated – unchallenged – and I didn’t know what career I wanted to be in.

My husband and his family have a furniture business that I had begun helping them with the office duties (bookkeeping, emails, invoicing, etc) and I loved it!  I don’t know why but it just felt right.  So I decided that I wanted to start a business services business where I could offer my help to other companies : help them be more efficient and cut costs.  So I started my business Aligned Business Services, LLC.

Anyone who has started a business knows that it takes time – lots of time to get off the ground.  So I had thoughts about “how else can I make money” — then one day – on Facebook, I saw this picture right here…

time spent with family clock passions (21)


I’m sure many of you have seen that same picture – it went VIRAL on social media – several times!

So – what did I do?  I went to Google of course 😉   I searched Uppercase Living – then started flipping through the pages and pages of really awesome designs! I had just bought a home a year before this and all my walls were blank and white and boring – so I saw so much I wanted…. but then it continued – I saw things that I wanted to get for my mom and my sisters and my nieces and on and on!

So I did it – without seeing the product in person or without attending a party or meeting someone who already represented the company — I joined.
I will never ever ever regret that decision! I have gotten SO MUCH from this business – beyond what I ever expected.

  • I am appreciated, recognized, awarded.
  • I earn money to help support my family.
  • I get to stay at home – which is one of my biggest WHYs – because one day (soon hopefully), we want to start our family.
  • I have such a desire to be home with my future kids and still be able to contribute to our family.
  • I am challenged daily! To create, share, inspire. To achieve new goals.
  • I represent a product I LOVE!  The possibilities are endless!
  • Our product exudes INSPIRATION — whether you’re inspired to decorate your home, or inspired to create a crafty project, or inspired to design new ideas, or inspired to start a business with UL too!
  • I’ve earned one free trip so far and am on my way to the next – I mean c’mon – who wouldn’t like to have a FREE vacation every year?!
  • My team – I looove my team! These women are so amazing and inspire me daily!
  • I love being a leader – I love sharing my knowledge and ideas with others but even more so learning SO much from them!!
  • I’ve met AMAZING people! OMG – seriously … I didn’t expect that to be a reason WHY I do what I do – but it is…. I do it because the other demonstrators, my customers, the CEO/founders of our company — they all make me want to do more, be more, grow more, build more ❤

I could go on and on but you see…. my WHY started out because I hated my job – I was in a rut – and I wanted to stay home for future family…… but now – now my WHY is so much more and it grows and changes every day as I continue to develop as a person and as a CEO of my business.

❤ Diana

If you’re interested in joining us in this amazing journey: CLICK HERE


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