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UpStyled Lamp

Style Your Home Decor (Not UL)
UpStyle Your Home Decor (Not UL)


Hello cute UpStyle idea!! ❤

  • All you need is a lamp – which you probably have many of in your home already – or ask around to friends who may have ones they aren’t using any more.
  • Make sure the shade has a smooth interior surface (usually these are a sort of plastic or heavy fabric/canvas – but smooth).
  • Measure the shades height and measure the amount of space you’d like your design to cover.  (for example: the shade is 14″ tall but you want the design to cover 12″ x 8″)
  • Then you have two options:
    • YOU create your own design! (see details below)
    • Email me ( and I will personalize the design for you!

Here’s a design I created.  Keep in mind the color of your lamp shade as well when choosing colors.  This 12×8 design would end up costing less than $15 (with t/s included) – create a couple other projects too and save some on the shipping costs 🙂



  • If you want to create your design…
    • Log in / register on my design website (this allows you to design and save your designs – yay!)
    • Then click on the Products tab
    • Customize
    • Text & Graphic
    • Add Custom Text
    • You can add multiple text boxes to create the design you want.
    • Make sure to “Mirror” the design before you save it (this will be cut in reverse so to be read from the outside)
    • Once you’re happy with your design – you can add it to your cart from there and place your order.


Happy Creating!
❤ Diana




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