Creative Projects

The Happiness Jar


What an awesome idea! Especially as we start out a new year! Great time to reflect and start a new inspiring tradition.  An easy project to complete too!

Get your jar from somewhere like Hobby Lobby – I love this one and if you watch, they are often on sale! You might even have a jar at home you aren’t using for anything currently.

Add some inspiration to your jar with a vinyl that will catch your attention and remind you to continue to add to your jar.
Here’s an option… keeping it simple – but with over 50 color choices you can still make it unique and personal!


"happiness" : Jot 1.5" : under $10
Customize “happiness” : Jot 1.5″ : under $10 (Click Image to Order)


I also like this idea — not only to remind you to add a note to your jar — but an inspiring reminder for our daily lives ❤

Today I will choose joy: Item #19425
Today I will choose joy: Item #19425: $15 (Click Image to Order)


After you’ve selected your jar and vinyl – the only thing you want is some paper. I’d definitely find some fun and colorful scrapbook paper! This should be an activity to add to your happiness on a daily basis and how fun will it be to read them all at the end of the year ❤


Happy Creating!




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