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I often hear comments from people in the direct sales industry who say things like “I can’t get a recruit” or “I can’t get bookings” etc….. STOP IT!!

Reprogram your conscious mind:  You have the situation you’re in… and then you have your feelings… but in between are your…. THOUGHTS!
Thoughts about situation are making you feel the way you do — so get out of the negative state of thinking!!

Last year I set a goal to earn the Incentive Trip through Uppercase Living: a trip to Cancun! Woo!  Not only did I do it — but in the last month of the earning period, I earned over 10,000 points which increased my reward to also include free airfare!  I did this because I had REAL TRUE BELIEF in myself!

Even if you work to reprogram your conscious mind – you also have to reprogram your unconscious mind — take away all the negative thoughts you’ve ever had about whatever situation you’re in — and start fresh!

Whatever it is in your life that you want to change: your finances, your business, your health, etc.  Surround yourself with people who are going to support you – and use the positiveity of your thoughts to make it happen!

❤ Diana

definition of insanity


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