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Gift Bundlesssss!!!

So… I’m one of THOSE people 😉

Ya know… who cannot wait for the next season and the next holiday and the next fun! 🙂

With the holiday season (quickly!) approaching, I have found some of the most amazing gift bundles (and more!) to share!

I have four awesome bundles all tailored to be the perfect gift for all the wonderful people you love! And for yourself! Cause seriously – we need to love and care for ourselves just as much 🙂  So grab one or two or all of these today to love and share! ❤

Let me know which one YOU love most!

Photo Sep 07, 5 19 43 PM


When we feel well, the whole world looks so much brighter!  Our “Gift of Wellness Collection” contains:

  • Resistance Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer: Our hand sanitizer uses Banzalkonium Chloride as the active ingredient, a non-toxic but effective sanitizing agent that does not harm the body or create imbalances. Combine that with the powerful benefits of Resistance Essential Oil and you have a safe, non-toxic, and effective hand sanitizer that smells amazing!
  • Resistance Foaming Hand Soap: Our popular foaming hand soap combined with Resistance? You bet! Order extras so you can have one at every sink!
  • Resistance Essential Oil Spray (1 oz): To round out this amazing collection, we added a 1 ounce bottle of the Resistance Essential Oil Spray. Have you tried this on your pits yet and taken our Resistance Pit Challenge? This convenient bottle is the perfect size for the purse, travel bag, gym bag, desk, or car.

    Get the Gift of Wellness, click here!

Photo Sep 07, 5 20 27 PM


Love is one of the greatest gifts we gave give to others, and why not express how much you love them with this rich and delightful collection that’s sure to please any guy or gal on your list?  Our “Gift of Love Collection” contains:

  • Chocolate Mint Lotion Bar: The lotion bar that started JE 18 years ago is now offered in alluring Chocolate Mint. With over 50 uses, this bar will surely be a popular gift.
  • Madagascar Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion (2 oz): New for the Fall 2018 catalog is Madagascar Vanilla. We include an exclusive 2 ounce lotion in this collection which is the perfect size to add as a stocking stuffer or carry with you when you’re out at all those fall/winter sports games. Your skin doesn’t have to feel the effects of the seasonal changes. Keep them well moisturized with this convenient lotion.
  • Chocolate Lip Butter: Love your lips this season and keep them soft and kissably smooth with our exclusive Chocolate Lip Butter. (No mint in this delightful lip butter; just rich chocolate!)

    Get the Gift of Love, click here!

Photo Sep 07, 5 20 31 PM



Beauty comes from within…but accenting our natural beauty with some fun new colors is always a hit!  When we feel beautiful we walk with more confidence and look at the world differently.  These new limited-time colors are sure to turn heads and gain compliments!

  • Wild Plum Lip Butter Lipstick: Anything we put on our lips eventually gets ingested by the body. Why risk using toxic colors when you can wear non-toxic colors that nourish the lips? The perfect color for those fall outfits, Wild Plum will make you smile!
  • Smokin’ Plum Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow: Use this rich plum color lightly as an accent for an everyday look, or go all in for an enchanting evening look.
  • Plum Fun Tinted Lip Gloss: Add some sheen to your lips for a glossy glow; all with complete peace of mind that all ingredients are non-toxic.

    Get the Gift of Beauty, click here!


Photo Sep 07, 5 19 53 PM


Who do you know who could use some more peace and pampering in their lives?  Is it you?  All too often we don’t take enough time for ourselves to relax and unwind.  Our “Gift of Peace & Pampering Collection” includes:

  • Red Wine Deep Daily Moisturizer: Sometimes, nothing says “peace and pampering” quite like a glass of wine after a long day. Red wine is an antioxidant superhero for your skin. Combined with our daily moisturizer, you have a heavenly pampering for your face to help reduce the stresses of the day and support the skin.
  • Lavender Eye Pillow: Lavender is well known for its soothing qualities. We added lavender to our luxurious eye pillow for a truly relaxing experience.
  • Lavender Essential Oil Spray (1 ounce): Need a little more support to relax those stressed nerves? Turn to our Lavender Essential Oil Spray. This convenient size makes it a great gift or stocking stuffer and can be used as a room spray, body spray, spritz for bedding/pillows/clothing, and so much more.

    Get the Gift of Peace & Pampering, click here!


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