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The Amazing Benefits of Shea Butter!

Extra sun exposure and hours spent in the water can lead to dry, damaged skin this summer which is why shea butter will become your summertime sidekick!
Everything from sunburns to dry skin to bug bites and more, shea butter is more than likely the powerful ingredient behind the relief!

First, let’s talk about what shea butter is….

Extracted from the nuts of the African Karite tree, shea butter is a fat! (seeeeee fats ARE good!)
Its high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids make it great for nourishing and conditioning skin. Shea butter is rich, thick, and concentrated, and it will penetrate deep into the layers of your skin to moisturize and keep that moisture locked in.

Wondering what we use shea butter for?

Here are some amazing uses that will convince you of the power shea butter holds!


Also – check out this MUST KNOW Shea Butter TIP

  • Let’s start with sunburns. As diligent as we may be, it’s hard to make it a whole summer without a slight pink sting after a day spent in the sun, but good news – sunburns don’t stand a chance against Skin Relief.A proprietary blend of nutrient-rich aloe, green tea, seaweed, chamomile, and vitamin E, Skin Relief is enriched to soothe and care for all skin types. Superpowered with shea butter, Skin Relief works hard to help skin reduce inflammation and irritation.With the warmer weather, many people will be spending more time in the yard gardening or landscaping around their homes, and Skin Relief is back to save the day. It didn’t get that name for no reason because this product is also great for soothing itchy bug bites, rashes, and minor cuts that you may get from spending time in the yard
  • Our Shea Body Butter is also a phenomenal everyday moisturizer. Apply to hands, feet, legs, or anywhere you would like some extra moisture!
  • As far as moisturizing our face, the Deep Daily Moisturizer is a great night-time cream as it replenishes your thirsty skin with the oasis of Shea Butter!
  • Do your lips need some attention? Polish and shed dead skin cells while also moisturizing as our Lip Exfoliant contains shea butter, and then top off with our Lip Butter before bed or a Lip Butter Lipstick for some color! Did we mention these both contain shea butter?

Shea butter is a wonderful gift from the earth that provides an abundance of natural relief. You can see why we love to include it in many of our products!

Wondering about other ways you can start using shea butter? Here are some customer testimonies sharing the amazing relief they have found in their Jordan Essentials Shea Butter products.

“Shea butter has worked wonders for my son’s eczema. when he gets the slightest itch he’s looking for shea butter!”

“My dad had skin cancer and had skin removed. I gave him some shea butter to use and he said it was the best, and you can hardly see his scars.”

“The ingredients in Shea Butter have phenomenal power–power to heal, power to relieve pain, power to soften and soothe. With one try, I experienced relief from my dry, cracking, bleeding hands. For the last two years shea butter has kept my hands healthy and smooth. I also use shea butter on aching muscles and knees. Shea butter is like gold to my skin!”

Don’t forget to check out this MUST KNOW Shea Butter TIP!

Any questions, feel free to reach out to me any time!



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