Creative Projects

How about a little love? <3

With Valentine’s coming just around the corner – here’s a fun and easy project!

Even those who say “I’m not crafty” can do this! Believe me, I used to be one of those people! But with the UL product and these tips, you CAN do it – and you’ll love it! 🙂


Supplies you’ll need:

Depending on what you have at home you can use without purchasing — this project cost comes in around $25-$30 (+t/s)

Also – as a special deal: if you order here , then I will cover your shipping on the vinyl!  

Now that you have all the supplies you need – let’s get crafting! 🙂
Steps for completing project:

  1. Sand any rough edges of the wood plaque – wipe clean – and then paint with your choice of color.  Depending on the paint you use, you may want to apply more than one coat – therefore, allow time for paint to dry between coats.
  2. Once the paint is fully dry, apply your vinyl. Here’s a great video – use this same process on your board as used here on the wall – except rather than using a level, measure from the horizontal line to the top of your board on both sides to ensure it’s level.
  3. Now you want to cut your ribbon or twine to length.  Stretch it across the bottom of the plaque and around the back – leave some extra to allow some wiggle room.
  4. Using your hot glue or super glue, glue down the ribbon/twine to the BACK of the plaque in place for it to hang correctly on the front.
  5. That’s it! Use the mini clothespins to secure any pictures you’d like on the ribbon/twine. And even add a hook to hang it or use command strips (my personal fav for most things).

SUPER simple and fun! Have your kids get in on it with you too – would make a great gift for dad on Valentines day.  How could you add your own touches to it?  Maybe have your child(ren) add their hand prints to the plaque or sign their names?  I would love to hear and see your finished project! 🙂



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